The Fun Philosophy Workshop

Using fun at work to boost morale, reduce stress and build team spirit.

A 60-90 minute presentation

With the pressures of modern business, and sometimes frustrating accountability and bureaucracy, many workplaces have become bastions of seriousness. This can lead to high stress, low morale and poor productivity. Research shows that fun at work can significantly reduce stress and improve performance - and this is why fun is serious business! This fun-filled presentation will reveal a simple formula that will help you have more fun at work and deliver a smorgasbord of ideas to help you apply it.

Attendees will discover the Five Fingers of the Fun Philosophy and learn:

  • How to encourage a sense of humour appropriate for a work context.
  • Where to find ideas, props and gadgets for enabling fun at work easily.
  • Quick and simple ways to share humour and have fun with colleagues.
  • How keep the fun friendly so that everyone stays happy.
  • How to get your whole team participating in regular fun activities.

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The Fun Philosophy Book

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366 Fun Facts

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What People Say

“The wonderful keynote presentation at our annual conference was so entertaining and informative. It is great the way you make learning so much fun. Keep up the good work!”
Conference Organiser, Centre for Rural and Remote Medicine

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