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How do I bring out the best in my team?

This is the great challenge facing every manager.  Whilst many managers have done some sort of leadership or management training, the fact is that most have not. Most people get promoted because they are good at their job; but being good at your job doesn't make you a good manager of people.

This eGuide delivers a simple success formula to help managers become more effective leaders and bring out the best in their team.

Here at the Exceptional Teams Academy we’ve been exploring the art and science of leading teams for more than 30 years. We’ve identified the success patterns of high performing teams and arranged them into a logical sequence of outcomes and drivers. This simple framework allows team leaders to easily identify key outcomes to achieve and drivers they can apply to achieve them.

We call this framework 'The 9 Drivers of Exceptional Teams.'

In this eGuide you will receive:

  • An overview of the 9 Drivers of Exceptional Teams.

  • 4 Key Indicators for each of the 9 Drivers

  • A 'Rate Your Team' Checklist

  • A Team Improvement Chart

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Discover how to take your team from good, to great to exceptional! 


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