1. Empowering Your Leaders

We engage with your leaders to get them excited about a positive future for your team and empower them to achieve it with training, mentoring and coaching.

2. Creating Clarity

Using our proven tools and templates we help you create a Team Strategy and Culture Code that ensures everyone is crystal clear about their roles, goals and expectations.

3. Empowering Your People

Using our unique team development tools and processes we connect with your people to communicate your strategy, get them excited about it, and make them accountable to it.

Team Culture Development Tools


Team Strategy

Your Team Strategy provides your road map for team success. It acts like an organisational compass by clarifying the 4 strategic questions of: Who are we?, Where are we going? How will we get there? and How will we measure progress?


Culture Code

Your Culture Code is the team 'bible' that outlines 'the way we do things around here'. It clarifies cultural expectations and serves as a guidebook for managers to provide direction and give feedback.


Diagnostic Assessments

Using a suite of diagnostic tools we survey key stakeholders to identify team strengths and areas for improvement. We also use this information as baseline data to measure the effectiveness of team development initiatives.

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Leadership Development Programs


Spirit Leaders Program

Spirit Leaders are typically your management team plus a few key opinion leaders who are able to influence the team. A monthly check-in program keeps Spirit Leaders energised, focussed and accountable.

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Leadership Training

An engaged and capable leadership team is essential for developing a great team culture. To empower your leaders we deliver a customised leadership course covering the 9 Drivers of Exceptional Teams.

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Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting

Leadership coaching and mentoring is also available for both developing managers and experienced CEOs. Many CEOs find a monthly check-in useful to discuss issues and solutions for problems as they arise.

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Leadership Development Tools


Team Leader's Playbook

A handy reference guide that acts as a team leader's 'bible' by outlining the essential elements for leading teams in a clear and concise format. The Playbook contains the key points for each of the 9 Drivers of Exceptional Teams.

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Team Leader's Growth Book

A personal record of leadership development that contains self-reflection and goal-setting tools for each of the 9 Drivers of Exceptional Teams. Managers work through each section as guided by leadership training, coaching or on a needs basis. 

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Team Leader's Toolkit

A handy resource kit with ready-to-use tools and templates for giving and getting feedback. It's compact size and simple format makes it easy you for you to give both positive and constructive to team members, and for getting feedback from line-managers and colleagues.

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Use this suite of easy-to-follow templates to create and communicate a crystal clear strategy for your team.

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Employee Development Programs and Resources


Team Playbook

The Team Playbook is a short version of the Culture Code that clearly outlines cultural and performance expectations. It's a handy reference guide for employees to self-reflect and for managers to give direction and feedback.


Team Growth Book

The Growth Book is a companion to the Team Playbook and enables and encourages people to track their personal growth. It contains tools and templates for self-reflection, goal setting and for giving and getting praise and feedback.


Professional Development

We improve employee capability, communication and cohesion with dynamic professional development workshops, and get people energised with enjoyable team gatherings, activities and events.

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Success Story

The documents you see in this section come from a Strategic Team Development Program delivered at Southcare, an aged care service provider in Perth. As a result of the Southcare Spirit Project they were awarded the 2017 WA Aged Care Organisational Excellence Award and one of their managers won the Employee Excellence Award. 



“The strategic team development program facilitated by David Koutsoukis has had a significant positive impact upon our organisation. Our leaders are more engaged, our people are more connected and importantly, our bottom line results have improved more than I imagined. I highly recommend David to any organisation who is considering a facilitated process to re-energise their culture and improve results.”
Nicky Howe, CEO, Southcare Inc

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