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What does your team culture look like?

Team cultures are made up of the collective attitudes and actions of the individuals within it. This Team Culture Analysis Kit allows you to create a 'baseline map' of your current team culture and enables you to identify individuals who just need attention and encouragement, and those who need a major adjustment. 

Discover how many Lifters, Cruisers, Laggers and Draggers you have in your team and learn what to do about them. 

The Team Culture Analysis Kit includes:

  • The 'Fish in the Ocean' metaphor for describing the people that make up your culture.

  • You Team Culture Profile.

  • Strategies for LIFTING and SHIFTING the different profile types.

  • Your Team DRAG List.

  • Your Team LIFT List.

  • Your Team BRIGHT IDEAS List.

  • Your Team Prioritised Action List.

Use the Team Culture Analysis Kit to analyse your team and you'll be well on your way to creating a vibrant and connected culture with positive and productive people who LIFT and inspire each other.

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