Team Strategy Workshop

9 simple steps for creating and communicating a crystal clear strategy.

Exceptional Teams have a clear and simple strategy that provide answers for the 4 key strategic questions: Who are we? Where are we going? How will we get there? How will we measure progress? Leaders of Exceptional Teams create emotional connections to the team strategy and refer to it frequently so that everyone is crystal-clear about their roles, goals, expectations and progress.

As the primary strategist in a team, it is imperative that team leaders are able to create and communicate a crystal clear team strategy. This workshop will show you how.


At the end of this workshop participants will be able to create answer the questions of:
  • Who are we? and be able to create a clear team identity with an engaging purpose, meaningful values and clear roles.
  • Where are we going? and be able to articulate clear a strategic direction for your team that aligns everyone towards the same vision, goals and objectives.
  • How will we get there? and be able to keep your team focussed on doing the ‘right things’ by clarifying your team mission, strategic priorities and critical activities.
  • How will we measure progress? and be able to create and communicate clear targets, benchmarks and milestones that serve as indicators of team success.



  1. Strategic Mindset - How to develop the 3 key mindsets of strategic thinkers.
  2. Simple Framework - How to utilise a simple strategic planning framework that everyone can understand, memorise and refer to frequently.
  3. Clear Metrics - How to create and communicate clear targets, benchmarks and milestones.
  4. Clear Expectations of Behaviour - How to clarify the behaviours necessary to achieve team goals and objectives by developing team values, ground rules and role descriptions.
  5. Clear Expectations of Results - How to develop performance indicators that clearly articulate expected results.
  6. Feedback and Accountability System - How to develop a scorecard and check-in system that provides feedback on progress and makes people accountable for results.
  7. Communication Strategy - How to communicate your strategic plan efficiently and effectively.
  8. Emotional Connection - How to get buy-in for your team strategy by getting people emotionally connected to it.
  9. Continuous Improvement - How to develop a baseline of strategic planning effectiveness and measure for improvement.

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Resources that support this workshop


Concept Kit

A handy reference guide that outlines the 4 key questions for a crystal clear strategy and highlights what you can do to answer them. 
[eGuide or Card Set]

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Team Leader's Guide

A step-by-step guide with 9 key strategies for creating a crystal clear strategy. Includes tools and templates for you to apply them. 

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Online Assessment

A 14-point assessment with a printable report that will identify the strengths of your strategy and highlight areas for improvement. 
[Online Portal]

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What Clients Say

“Thanks for your very practical and informative workshop. Your simple planning framework has helped us visualise team objectives and create a real sense of purpose.”
Gerard Hart, CIO, ABN Group

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