Team Culture Workshop

Creating a vibrant and connected team culture that attracts and retains great people

Exceptional Teams have connected communities where people feel they are known and valued members of the team. They establish emotional connections towards the team purpose and objectives and are clear about the expectations of behaviour and performance. People are held accountable to these expectations and supported and empowered to live up to them.

You can feel the positive energy when you visit a connected culture, and it's this feeling that attracts and retains great people. 

As the person with the biggest impact upon culture in a team, it is imperative that team leaders are able to create and sustain a positive and productive team environment. This workshop will show you how.



At the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Develop symbols, traditions and rituals that connect people to your purpose and make them feel part of the community.
    Develop a code of cultural expectations that highlights ‘the way we do things around here’.
    Create processes to ensure that people are accountable to cultural expectations of behaviour and performance.
    Encourage and enable a mutually supportive environment where people reach out to help each other.


  1. Connected Mindset - How to encourage and promote the 3 key mindsets of connected cultures.
  2. Build Community - How to create a strong sense of community and a ‘one team’ mindset.
  3. Physical Environment - How to create an uplifting physical environment.
  4. Symbols and Rituals - How to identify, develop and apply team symbols, rituals and traditions.
  5. Success Code - How to develop a team culture code that clarifies your formula for team success.
  6. Team Mantras - How to create sticky messages' that clearly communicate team expectations.
  7. Recognition - How to recognise and acknowledge team members who LIFT others.
  8. Uphold Standards - How to educate or replace people who don’t meet team expectations.
  9. Continuous Improvement - How to develop processes for creating a baseline of team culture effectiveness and measure for improvement.

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Resources that support this workshop


Concept Kit

The essential elements for becoming a more engaging leader in a handy reference guide.

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Team Leader's Guide

A step-by-step guide for becoming a more engaging and influential leader.

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Online Assessment

Map the leadership potential of the managers in your team and identify ways to improve it.

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What Clients Say

“Absolutely brilliant! You managed, seemingly with ease, to achieve the big two - an enjoyable experience with excellent content which was to the point and relevant.”
Paul Fleay, CEO, Inclusion WA

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