Positive Mindsets Workshop

How to promote and enable positive mindsets in teams

People in Exceptional Teams aspire to keep their thoughts, words and actions positive. They recognise that their mood and behaviour has an impact on others and strive to be a positive influence. They have high standards of performance and high expectations of results that sees them strive and thrive in a team environment.

As the person with the biggest impact on mindsets within a team, it is imperative that a team leader not only promotes positive mindsets, but 'walks the talk' as well. This workshop will show you how.


At the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Promote positive thinking and reduce negativity in teams.
  • Harness the power of words by ensuring people use only constructive language.
  • Encourage people LIFT their standards and expectations of results, and to support their team-mates to do the same.
  • Create energy and momentum by creating catalysts for positive action.



  1. The LIFT Mindset - How to encourage people to keep their thoughts, words, standards and actions positive.
  2. Priming and Framing - How to trigger positive neurological pathways with priming and framing techniques.
  3. Mental Anchors - How to use mental anchors to stay positive and snap out of negative thinking quickly.
  4. Triggers - How to identify and utilise or nulify the triggers that promote positive and negative thinking.
  5. Responses - How to pre-prepare responses to challenging situations so that you 'respond' and don't 'react' to them.
  6. Rituals and Mantras - How to use rituals and mantras to promote positive thinking and snap people out of negative thinking.
  7. Association - How to harness the power of association by connectiong with positive and inspiring people.
  8. Psychological Sunshine - How to ensure that you having regular positive experiences that 're-charge' your positivity batteries.
  9. Continuous Improvement - How to create a baseline of positive thinking levels in your team and measure for improvement.



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What Clients Say

"Thanks for your great workshop David. The staff are well on board with Kefi and Lifting and it couldn't have been a better start for us to go into the new house."
Peter King, CEO, Ronald McDonald House Perth

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