Employee Engagement Workshop

How to boost employee morale, motivation and performance

Exceptional Teams have highly engaged employees who feel part of the team and like their job. They find their work stimulating and a challenge that enables them to make progress towards pre-determined goals and feel confident in their ability to achieve them. Employees understand how their work makes a positive difference and feel acknowledged for their contribution to team success.

As the primary motivator in a team, it is imperative that team leaders are able to keep their people engaged and motivated. This workshop will show you how.



At the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Encourage team members to show pride in their work and use discretionary effort to get the job done.
  • Empower employees to take responsibility and show initiative.
  • Develop processes and practices to ensure that people feel they are making progress.
  • Create an environment that enables people to get enjoyment from their work.



  1. Engagement Mindset - How to encourage and enable the 3 key mindsets of highly engaged employees.
  2. Appreciation - How to show people that you and the company cares about them.
  3. Inclusion - How to make people feel important, known and valued.
  4. Purpose - How to improve pride and effort by connecting employees to a higher purpose.
  5. Autonomy - How to empower your people to take responsibility and show initiative.
  6. Mastery - How to encourage and enable employees to keep improving their skills and striving for better results.
  7. Feedback - How to give clear and regular feedback about performance and results.
  8. Fun - How to give employees the chance to have some fun
  9. Continuous Improvement - How to create a baseline measure of employee engagement and measure for improvement.

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Concept Kit

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Team Leader's Guide

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Online Assessment

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What Clients Say

“David has brought a new and refreshing dimension to learning. He has a way of immersing participants so that a lot of learning takes place in a fun way.”
Sook Wah Ho, Managing Director, Petronas Management Training, Malaysia

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