Continuous Improvement Workshop

How to promote a culture of continuous improvement in teams

Exceptional Teams get the results they want because they have an culture of continuous improvement. They apply the principle of kaizen, a Japanese word meaning continuous improvement in small increments.

Exceptional Teams have a consistently implemented improvement cycle that enables them to measure, give and get feedback, identify learning needs and innovate for improvement.

Learn how to boost your results by promoting a kaizen mindset that is followed by everyone, everywhere, every day. 

As the leaders of culture it is imperative that Team Leaders communicate, reinforce and enable continuous improvement systems and processes. This workshop will show you how.


At the end of this workshop participants will be able to encourage and enable team members to:

  • Measure team and individual performance in a simple and meaningful way.
  • Give and get feedback at both a team and individual level.
  • Use feedback to guide learning for improvement.
  • Innovate for improvement.


  1. The Kaizen Mindset - How to encourage team members to constantly strive for incremental steps of improvement - everyone, every where, every day.
  2. Improvement Process Model - How to implement the continuous improvement model of Measure
  3. Feedback - Learn - Improve Performance Data - How to create KPIs and capture information that provides meaningful data to guide improvement.
  4. Scorecard/Dashboard - How to create and communicates scorecards and dashboards that highlight benchmarks, targets and monthly progress results.
  5. Leadership/Team Check-Ins - How to facilitate regular leadership and team check-ins to communicate progress and discuss issues for improvement.
  6. Continuous Improvement Devices - How to create continuous improvement boards, guidebooks, to capture improvement needs and evaluate their effectiveness.
  7. Talent Management - How to improve the capability of your team through training and development and by optimising recruitment processes.
  8. Improvement Plans - How to create effective plans for improvement.
  9. Promote Creative Thinking - How to encourage and enable creative thinking to promote innovation for improvement.

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Resources that support this workshop


Concept Kit

A handy reference guide that outlines the 4 phases of continuous improvement and highlights what you can do to apply them.

[eGuide or Card Set]

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Team Leader's Guide

A step-by-step guide with 9 key strategies for for creating a culture of continuous improvement in teams. Includes tools and templates for you to apply them. 

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Online Assessment

A 14-step online assessment with a printable report that identifies the effectiveness of your continuous improvement systems and processes. 
[Online Portal]

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What Clients Say


"You have an effective way of getting your message across with a good blend of fun, humour and serious information, in fact I believe the serious information sunk in more than it normally would due to the way it was presented by you, in a manner that didn't seem like an odious task to them."

Phil Northern, Manager, Wesfarmers Landmark

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21 Continuous Improvement Quotes Every Team Leader Should Know - Poster Pack
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