Invent Your Future

4 simple questions for creating a crystal clear team strategy

60-90 minute presentation

How is your team going to get there if they don’t know where they’re going?

Effective teams have a crystal clear strategy that answers 4 key questions: Who are we? Where are we going? How will we get there? How will we measure progress? Effective managers create emotional connections to the strategy so everyone is committed to achieving team goals and objectives. They refer to the strategy often so that everyone is crystal clear about their roles, goals, expectations and progress.

This presentation will reveal the 4 Key Questions of a Crystal Clear Strategy and attendees will learn how to:

  • Develop a strong team identity by clarifying purpose, values and roles.
  • Provide clear direction by clarifying the team vision, goals and objectives.
  • Keep the team focussed on doing the ‘right things’ by clarifying the team mission, strategic priorities and critical activities.
  • Measure progress with benchmarks, targets and milestones.

Discover how to Invent Your Future and get your team focussed, aligned and accountable.

This presentation is suitable for



Invent Your Future can be delivered as a dynamic keynote presentation to inspire, inform and entertain conference delegates.


Offsite Events

Invent Your Future can be delivered as a energising presentation for executive retreats and team building events.


In-house Programs

Invent Your Future can be delivered in your workplace for one-off events or as part of a leadership series.

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Resources that support this presention


Concept Kit

A handy reference guide that outlines the 4 key questions for a crystal clear strategy and highlights what you can do to answer them.
[eGuide or Card Set]

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Team Leader's Guide

A step-by-step guide with 9 key strategies for creating a crystal clear strategy. Includes tools and templates for you to apply them.

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Online Assessment

A 14-point assessment with a printable report that will identify the strengths of your strategy and highlight areas for improvement.
[Online Portal]

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What Clients Say


“David’s ability to engage and energise the entire audience was exceptional. He created a great deal of fun, enthusiasm and value which resulted in our best conference ever!” 

David Moroney, CFO, CBH Group

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