Build Your Own Tribe

Creating vibrant and connected team cultures that attract and retain great people.

60-90 minute presentation

Exceptional Teams have connected communities where people feel they are known and valued members of the team. They establish emotional connections towards the team purpose and objectives and are clear about the expectations of behaviour and performance. People are held accountable to these expectations and supported and empowered to live up to them. You can feel the positive energy when you visit a connected culture, and it's this feeling that attracts and retains great people.

This presentation will reveal the 4 Totems of a Connected Culture and attendees will learn how to:

  • Develop symbols, traditions and rituals that connect people to your purpose and make them feel part of the community.
  • Develop a 'culture code' to communicate crystal-clear expectations of behaviour and performance.
  • Create simple processes to ensure that people are accountable to cultural expectations.
  • Encourage and enable a mutually supportive environment where people reach out to help each other.

Discover how to Build Your Own Tribe and learn how to create a vibrant and connected team culture that attracts and retains great people.

This presentation is suitable for



Build Your Own Tribe can be delivered as a dynamic keynote presentation to inspire, inform and entertain conference delegates.


Offsite Events

Build Your Own Tribe can be delivered as a energising presentation for executive retreats and team building events.


In-house Programs

Build Your Own Tribe can be delivered in your workplace for one-off events or as part of a leadership series.

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Resources that support this presentation


Concept Kit

A handy reference guide that outlines the 4 key qualities of connected team cultures and highlights what you can do to attain them.
[eGuide or Card Set] 

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Team Leader's Guide

A step-by-step guide with 9 key strategies for creating a connected team culture. Includes tools and templates for you to apply them. 

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Online Assessment

A 14-point assessment with a printable report that will identify your team culture strengths and highlight areas for improvement. 
[Online Portal]

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What People Say


“Delegates absolutely loved him! Only 4 people gave him 4 out of 5... all 120 others gave him 5 out of 5 Outstanding!”

Conference Organiser, Tauranga, New Zealand

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21 Team Culture Quotes Every Team Leader Should Know - Poster Pack 
21 Team Culture Concepts Every Team Leader Should Know - eGuide
15-Point Team Culture Checklist 

14-Step Team Culture Online Assessment
Team Culture Analysis Kit
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