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Empowering Teams

Empowering teams to LIFT their performance.

Creating LIFT

Promoting a universal message of Let's Improve the Future Together.

We Create Lifters


We Create Lifters

Here at the Exceptional Teams Academy we're in the business of Empowering Teams to LIFT Performance. Our purpose, however, extends beyond that.

Our purpose is to create Lifters.


People are Contagious

Lifters understand that people are contagious. They refuse to get sucked into the vortex of negativity that can afflict some teams. They seek the truth instead of joining a chorus of lazy assumptions.  Lifters choose to be positive and proactive and look for solutions not problems. 
Lifters understand the 3 Truths of LIFT.


The Power of LIFT

Lifters understand the power of positive mindsets and LIFT others with their thoughts, feelings, words and actions. They care about how their behaviour impacts others and make a conscious effort to be a positive influence, not a negative one.

Lifters apply the 4 Laws of LIFT.

Join Us

We believe that when we help create Lifters in teams, we are in fact creating Lifters for society.

Imagine a world full of positive, proactive people who value difference, respect other points of view and make a conscious effort to consider how their words and actions impact others.

We invite you to join our upLIFTing movement by creating a LIFT Culture in your team. 

You can start by promoting the 4 Laws of LIFT. Get your free copy of the poster in the Lift Poster Set below.

We need more Lifters in the world.

Will you join us?

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Starting creating LIFT in your team by promoting the 4 Laws of LIFT.



The 4 Types of Mindsets in Teams


Empowering Teams - Enriching Communities


Lifters are positive and productive people who get personal satisfaction from doing their best, helping others and getting results. They are highly engaged in their work and not bound by 'work to rule' - they simply do what needs to be done. Lifters are proactive people who LIFT those around them with their thoughts, words and actions.

As a team leader, Lifters work FOR YOU.

Empowering Teams - Enriching Communities


Cruisers are people who steadily go about their work and meet the minimum requirements. They follow the rules and meet their obligations, but don't over-extend themselves and tend not to show intitiative. Cruisers are not difficult to work with and will generally participate in team activities.

As a team leader, Cruisers are not really working FOR YOU, but they are WITH YOU.

Empowering Teams - Enriching Communities


Laggers are people who simply go through the motions and avoid accountability and responsibility where possible. They are prone to using comments like "Why should I do that?" or "That's not my job!" For some Laggers success is getting paid as much as possible for doing as little as possible.

As a team leader, Laggers are not really against you, they are just NOT WITH YOU.

Empowering Teams - Enriching Communities


Draggers are people with negative attitudes who drag others down with their thoughts, words and actions. They can be sarcastic and cynical and will often put others down. Draggers have an 'entitlement mentality' and create tension and destroy trust. They are a negative influence in teams and communities.

As a team leader, Draggers work AGAINST YOU.

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