Your Free 7-Step Strategic Planning Template 

Plus you will receive a 30 minute team strategy consultation with a performance coach.


Would you like all your team members to be focussed on the same goals?
Would you like people to be accountable for specific behaviours and targets?
Would you like your people to think, feel and act like 'one team'?

This Strategic Planning Template and Consultation will provide an 'Architecture for Success' to help you get very clear about what your team stands for and what you are trying to acheive - and will enable you to communicate behavioural and performance expectations to your team efficiently and effectively.

With this offer you will receive...

  • A visual, 'strategy-on-a-page template' to collate and communicate your team goals, objectives and expectations.
  • Case studies and examples to help you complete the template.
  • A 30 minute telephone consultation with David Koutsoukis to assist you with the process.

Simply fill out the form to request your Free Strategic Planning Template and Consultation and you'll be on your way to developing a more focussed, aligned and accountable team.

* Subject to available time slots